I believe that small businesses and workers are the backbone of the American economy. It also seems plain to me that large, powerful corporations are exerting massively disproportionate political and economic power over our lives. This power is distorting our free markets, hurting small businesses and workers, corrupting our politics, and fueling unsustainable economic inequality. It is ultimately anti-competitive and harmful to our well-being as a nation.

As your Delegate, I will support policies that encourage entrepreneurship and allow small businesses to grow. For instance, I will support the zeroing out of BPOL taxes on small business for the first three to five years of their existence. I will work with small businesses to cut back on the sometimes heavy hand of Virginia ABC and other regulatory agencies. I’ll support legalization of marijuana. We should tax it, regulate it, and allow small businesses to grow in that market. I'll support expanding broadband internet to every corner of the Commonwealth so businesses can feel safe investing in all of our communities.

I will tirelessly protect workers’ rights. I support a living wage. When we have CEOs earning hundreds of times what their average workers make, it is plain that a living wage would not drive big corporations out of business. It would simply force executives to cut their already bloated compensation allowing us to start getting a handle on extreme economic inequality and stagnant real wage growth.

I hear from conservatives and liberals alike that there is far too much corporate money in politics. So let me be clear. I won't take any donations from for-profit corporations, their trade associations, or their PACs. None. My campaign will be entirely based on grassroots organizations and individuals who want to promote true economic justice.