Working in public schools everyday, I see teachers standing at their doors welcoming all students into their classrooms. I see coaches instilling teamwork and camaraderie in their players. I see the diversity that defines us as Americans. E pluribus unum. Out of many, one. Hate, bigotry, and fear-mongering should have no place in our community. I embrace the values I have always instilled in my students: respect, kindness, humility, and togetherness.

That’s why I support policies that will help us to dismantle systemic racism. For example, I support universal pre-K, eliminating cash bail, legalizing marijuana, expanding voting rights, eliminating gerrymandering, and ending mass incarceration.

I will protect reproductive rights in America and in the Commonwealth. The right to control reproductive decisions is central to an individual's autonomy and humanity. That's why I will support the Whole Woman’s Health Act. I will also support ratification of a federal Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) when the General Assembly reintroduces it as legislation in 2020.

I believe that love is love. I am troubled by discriminatory attitudes and policies that are harming our LGBTQ loved ones and neighbors. For instance, I believe the military transgender ban makes our country less safe. If you want to serve and fight for our rights, then we ought to honor your courage and thank you heartily for it. I will reject any discriminatory bathroom bills as well as any legislation meant to make it more difficult for same sex couples to marry or build a family.

In short, I will work to support the vision laid out in our pledge of allegiance for a society that is “indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”