Work hard. Tell the truth. Be kind and respectful.

These are the core life lessons that I have always tried to instill in my students and two young sons. As a public school educator of 16 years, my life’s work has been focused on building a community worthy for our children.

I grew up in New Jersey in a close knit family. My parents worked to provide for us and emphasized education as a door to new opportunities. My grandparents, who were WWII vets, were part of our Greatest Generation and served as a model of public service to me and showed me the importance of taking care of one another.

I came down to Virginia in the 1990s to attend the College of William & Mary. After graduating, I worked at a law firm in Washington, DC. While there, I served a 6-month rotation working for Neighborhood Legal Services. I will never forget representing people applying for their Social Security Disability benefits. Each client wanted to experience the dignity of work, but had simply reached a point where they were unable to work. That experience made me realize that any one of us may need our social safety net should hard times befall us. Soon after my rotation ended, I came to Charlottesville to study law at the University of Virginia. I spent about 2 years as a litigator in a big firm, but wanted to devote my career and time to making a difference in my community.

In 2003, I moved to New York City and began teaching high school. I felt at peace in the classroom and knew I had found my calling. I moved to Albemarle County with my wife, Beth, in 2005. I spent more than a decade teaching high school math and history there. Now, I’m an instructional coordinator at Greene County Public Schools, working with teachers to integrate innovative techniques into their classrooms to reach all children.

I have learned important lessons as an educator that I will bring with me when I am elected Delegate. First, public schools are places where we welcome every child into our classrooms regardless of their socioeconomic status, where they are from, or what they look like. Good elected officials do the same. They strive to represent every single constituent. Working in schools has also given me an understanding of the necessity of treating one another with respect and building relationships. Responsible representatives likewise treat colleagues and constituents respectfully, searching for common ground and working together to solve problems for the community.

Finally, I have worked tirelessly at being an educator. Teaching is an extraordinarily demanding profession intellectually and emotionally, but is also immensely rewarding. I will apply the same tireless work ethic in listening to and advocating for the people of the 59th District, and it would be the honor of my lifetime to represent you in our General Assembly.


Tim Hickey